How to identify the Geomembrane composites?

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In today’s market, the price of geomembrane composites is different. Such as the geomembrane composites 500g/㎡. And some offer in the price of RMB ¥8.30 - ¥9.00/㎡,while some offer the price of RMB ¥7.00 - ¥7.50/㎡. There is a great deal of difference among the prices. In fact, the people whom not in the geosynthetics field do not know the truth, and we will tell you the reasons.

Currently on the market, 80% of the geomembrane composites is spray geomembrane, so the anti-seepage of geomembrane composites declined which using into lots of water conservancy projects within 1-2 years. Many customers begin questioned the function of geomembrane, due to the service life of real geomembrane composites is at least 10 years. Hope customers know more about the geomembrane composites and production process.

Firstly, we will show the geomembrane composites which the price is from RMB ¥8.30/m2 to ¥9.30/m2, this kind of geomembrane composites is real one, it is consists of A. Finished geotextile; B. Finished PE Geomembrane(usually produced by the blowing geomembrane machine, this kind machine price is about more than RMB 1.8 million yuan); C. The specified glue for geomembrane and geotextile composites. This product is real geomembrane composites. How to identify this product? The real geomembrane composites can be torn of the PE geomembrane and geotextile by hand. The surface of geotextile is clean and there is no visible plastic particles, the fiber of geotextile is clearly visible. The application process is three steps, first sewing the geotextile, second welding the PE geomembrane, third sewing the geotextile. So the market price is generally RMB ¥8.30-¥9.00/m2.

2.Secondly, the geomembrane composites price which the price is from RMB ¥7.00/m2 to ¥7.50/m2. According to this price, the product is not geomembrane composites. It is called spray geomembrane in geosynthetics field. There is not production of PE film process (It is no need finished PE geomembrane, either of the specified glue for geomembrane and geotextile composites). It is consists of, A. Finished geotextile; B. Laying the finished geotextile on the composite equipment, compression the hot melting the PE plastic (usually recycled plastic) on the geotextile. This kind of geomembrane couldn’t be torn by hand of the geotextile and PE film. If tear the geotextile and PE film, it will be directly damaged the geomembrane composites. The whole PE film is not well-distributed, the function of tensile strength, tear strength, and anti-seepage is poor. There is only one process in the application - welding directly on the geomembrane composites. There is no sewing of the double geotextile. So the price is cheaper.