Geogrid construction specification

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1.Laying preparation work: (1)Foundation treatment: First of the lower level of leveling, rolling, requiring flatness of not more than 15mm, compaction to meet the design requirements, the surface is strictly prohibited stone, gravel and other hard protrusions. (2) Laying environment: Outdoor temperature above 5 ℃, wind 4 below, no rain and snow. (Except for environmental or special requirements) 2.Laying and lap method: (1)In the flat on the lower layer according to the design width of the laying of geogrid, paving should be straight, smooth, close to the next layer, not twisted, wrinkled, overlapping, lap need to use U-shaped nails or joints fixed. (2)Geogrid in the laying of the main strength of the direction of the vertical direction of the embankment vertical direction, each overlapping length (vertical) is not less than 15cm, and with a U-shaped nail or coupling fixed, spacing 1.0mm, horizontal lap length 30 ~ 90cm, the lap position is fixed with a U-shaped nail or nylon rope 3、The quality of the laying of the lap: Geogrid after the completion of the first self-inspection, the quality requirements see the following table: Serial number Project Construction quality requirements Check the method and frequency 1 Lower layer flatness 15mm Check out every 200m 2 Vertical lap width 15mm Spot checks 2% 3 Horizontal Lap Width ≥30m Spot checks 2% 4 The seams are staggered ≥50cm Spot checks 2% 4. Backfill: (1) Geogrid material paving in place should be filled in time to fill the filler, so as not to be exposed to prolonged sunshine, under normal circumstances, the interval does not exceed 48h. (2) Packing requirements: in the geogrid layer within 8cm of embankment rock fill embankment material its maximum material diameter shall not be greater than 6cm, geogrid first layer of filling paving should be light bulldozer or front loader, along the embankment axis Direction driving compaction, filling compaction thickness greater than 60cm. 5. Construction precautions: (1) The direction of the maximum strength of the grid should be the direction of the maximum stress. (2)Should try to avoid heavy vehicles directly in the paved geogrid on the road. (3)Minimize the amount of geogrid cutting and sewing, to avoid waste. (4) Cold season construction, the geogrid hardened, easy to hand kneel, pay attention to safety. Transfer from (network)