What kind of role does geotextile play in the green environment?

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Geotextile is a new type of building materials, the raw materials of geotextiles are polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and other polymers of synthetic fibers.
When the water from the washing soil layer into the gravel material layer, make the use of the needle punched geotextile aeration and water permeability. When the water flows, the geotextile filters the soil, sand, clay, and gravel to maintain the water and soil stable in the engineering.
Geotextile is a good water conductivity material, it can be formed within the soil drainage channel, the soil structure of the excess liquid and air outside.
Make the use of needle punched geotextile reinforced soil tensile strength and resistance to change the ability to increase the stability of the building structure to improve soil quality.
Effectively the concentration of stress diffusion, transmission or decomposition, to prevent the soil by external force and damage, protect the soil.
Using the polyester short fiber needle punched geotextile for different physical properties(particle size, distribution, consistency and density) of building material ( such as soil and sand, soil and concrete, etc.) to isolate. The soil not erosion, not mixed. It will maintain the overall structure and function of the material, so that the structures to enhance carrying capacity.