Pay attention to 5 points by experts on jointing conception the filament geotextile

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The jointing connection of filament geotextile is the most important into the filament geotextile application. How to do a good job on the filament geotextile jointing connection? The Technician of Geosky concluded our years of experience as following:
There must be at least 150mm distance of each side to overlap the geotexile. The minimum distance of needle selvage (from the edge of exposed material) is at least 25mm.
The finished jointing connection geotextile with the one line locking sewing way. The yarn which using in sewing should be the resin material with minimum tensile strength over 60KN/m, and with the performance of chemical corrosion resistance and UV resistance same or excess the geotextlile.
Any “Missing weaving”on the finished jointing connection geotextile must be resewing.
Corresponding measures must be taken to avoid the soil, sand, clay, or gravel into the geotexile layer after installation.
5.The jointing connection ways of geotextile can be overlap connection, sewing connection or welding connection according to the landscape and application.