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High Strength Polyester Fiber Mine Supporting & Protecting Grid


Product Introduction

High Strength Polyester Fiber Grid is made of high-modulus and high strength long polyester fiber which are warp-knitted and bundled together as its body and then is coated with fire retarding and static conducting material. It is not only a kind of new type material for mine supporting and protecting , but also the specific materials for open-pit slope protection and reinforcement of sub-grade. It is a good substitute for traditional metal mesh, plastic mesh, steel-plastic mesh and other materials. It is a ideal subsurface supporting and protecting mesh and specific slope protection mesh for open-pit mine.
Application Rang and Performance Features
The product has the properties of high strength, light weight, easily operation, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, anti-aging,long service life,fire retarding, static conduction and etc. performance features. It could be widely used in the working face moving and withdrawing of coal mining end extraction, fake ceiling supporting engineering, protecting upper engineering, end and start supporting, temporary and permanent tunnel supporting and so on. It is firm and flexible, light weight, easily pave, high strength tensile and etc. The minimum tensile strength of unit square meter is 40KN and maximum 1000KN, but the strength tensile of metal mesh is only about 35KN. It has anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, difficult to produce static electricity and best fire-retardant performance. All the performances barely change, even though it is buried in the underground. But metal mesh, steel-plastic mesh will corrode heavily, so the tensile strength reduces much. The mesh is also easy-construction, makes no effects on normal working face production, saves the working time and improves the working efficiency.