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High Strength Polyester Uniaxial & Biaxial Warp-knitting Geogrid


Product Introduction
Warp-knitting polyester geogrid adopts industrial high-strength, high modulus and low-shrinkage twisting polyester fiber as raw material. It is used warp-knitted directional structure, and there is no bend statement between warp and weft yarns on the fabric. The crossing points are bundled and banded together by high-strength polyester fiber, and form solid binding points. After coating high-quality oil or water-soluble PVC, its physical and chemical properties put into great play.
Product Features
Warp-knitting polyester geogrid has high tensile strength, high modulus, low creep, anti-aging, anti-brittle, high tearing strength, strong bonding force with gravel and soil, and other multiple pre-designed characteristics.
Application Range
1.Strengthening weak sub-grades of high-grad roads and railways, and separating different foundation soil materials.
2.Using in riverbank, slope and earth-retaining wall.
3.Enhancing a variety of foundation.
4.Applying in airport runway.
Product Technical Parameter