Glass fiber geogrids

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Fiberglass Geogrid


Product  Introduction
Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of flat mesh material coated with high-quality modified asphalt. It uses high quality reinforced non-alkali fiberglass yarn as raw material and utilizes warp knitting machine to knit as basal body. It adopts warp-knitted directional structure, and makes full use of the fabric yarn strength to improve its mechanical properties.It has good tensile strength, tear strength and anti-creep performance. It follows the principle of similar compatibility and highlights its composite performance with asphalt mixture. It fully protects the basal body of glass fiber, greatly improves the wear-resisting and anti-shearing performance. So it can be used for road enhancement, resistance to rutting cracks such as road disease happened. It solves the problem that asphalt pavement is difficult to reinforce.
Product Features
The product has features in high tensile strength, low elongation, high modulus, light wight, good toughness, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, as well as high resistance tensile strength, low elongation, good physical and chemical stability, thermos-stability. It can prevent the road cracking under low temperature and fatigue condition, the pavement rut under high temperature. 
Application Range
1.Maintenance of old asphalt road, reinforcement of asphalt pavement.
2.Rebuild old cement concrete road into composite road, restrain reflection crack caused by different block contraction.
3.Apply in road renovation and expansion project, prevent cracks along the joint  position caused by uneven sedimentation.
4.Used for soft sub-grade reinforcement. It will help the water infiltration and soil concretion, restrain subsidence effectively, and decentralize evenly, enhance overall strength of the roadbed.