Steel-plastic geogrid

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Steel-plastic Geogrid

The Steel-plastic Geogrid is a grid mesh, which is made by high strength steel. The steel turns to steel plastic string after covering with Polyethylene resin, and then thermal melting welded by ultrasonic welding machine according to the technological requirements. The convex node steel plastic geogrid is the upgraded production of normal steel-plastic geogrid. The convex node is formed by special technique in the process of thermal melting welding. It overcomes the weaknesses of normal steel-plastic geogrid, such as less peel resistance strength, node easy to crack, etc. With different proportion of materials and special technique, the peel resistance strength of the ode can be 300N to 500N.
Product Features
High strength; not easy to deform and creep, corrosion resistant, durable, convenient, short cycle and low cost for construction. 
Application Range
It can be widely applied to the consolidation project of soft soil foundation for the road, railway, dock, dam, spoil disposal yard, etc; reinforcing retaining wall and crack prevention of concrete wall, etc.