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Drainage Board


Product Introduction
There are two series of drainage board: roller material & sheet material. The roller material includes three types: thermal melting, lapping & self-adhered. The molding process adopts special technology to press the plastic sheet material out of the closed convex columnar shell to form concave-convex film. The shell is continuous and has three-dimensional space and certain supporting height. At edge processing, thermal sticking butyl rubber, coating with geotextile at the top of the shell, it can be used for water seepage, drainage and storage. It is also known as: self-adhesive PE drainage board, drainage plate, drainage protective board, water treatment board, plastic bump drainage board, plastic inter layer board.
Application Range
Greening Project: Garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, oblique roof greening, soccer field, golf course.
Municipal Project: airports, roadbeds, subways, tunnels, landfills.
Construction Project: Top layer and lower layer of the building foundation, the outside and inside of the basement wall, roof and bottom of the basement, the roof anti-seepage and the insulation layer.