3D Composite Drainage Net for Road Construction

Product Description

Geocomposite drainage Geonet 
Tr-dimension composite geonet for drainage

Three dimensional 150/2-1600/2 composite drainage net
Three dimensional composite drainage net by the unique three-dimensional geonet double bonded geotextiles. A combination of geotextile (filtrate) and geonet (drainage and protection), providing a complete ” filter, drainage, protection” effect.
Three dimensional composite drainage net core unique  three-dimensional  structure, able to bear high compressive load used in the whole process, and can keep the equivalent thickness, provide good rate of water.
Typical application: the landfill of highway subgrade and pavement drainage; drainage; railway tunnel drainage; drainage; drainage of underground structure, block
Wall back garden and field drainage drainage.

Products Datasheet 

Product Characteristics

The characteristics of 3D composite drainage net:
The drainage ability is strong, can withstand the long-term high load
The high tensile strength and shear strength of the pit
To reduce the probability of the geotextile is embedded in the network core, can protect the long-term stability of the rate of water
The three-dimensional composite drainage net can withstand more than 2000kpa compression load
Far greater than the ordinary drainage network resilience

Products Application


Q : Are you a factory or trading company?
A : We are a professional manufacturer that specialized in geomembrane, geotextile, composite geomembrane etc with ISO9001 certificate more than 20 years

Q : Could you send the sample before order confirmation?
A : Yes, we’d love to send a free sample to you for an evaluation if you need.

Q : How about the delivery time?
A : General within 3-7 days after received the deposit.

Q : Can you produce the product according to customers’ requirements?
A : Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome.

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