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fiberglass geogrid reinforcement

fiberglass geogrid are used in soil reinforcement applications to increase the strength and stability of soil structures. There are several ways to strengthen fiberglass geogrid:

  • Increase the number of layers: Adding more layers of geogrid can increase the overall strength and stability of the soil structure.
  • Increase the fiber thickness: Using geogrids with thicker fibers can increase the strength of the grid.
  • Increase the tensile strength of the fibers: The tensile strength of the fibers can be increased through the use of high-strength fibers or by coating the fibers with a material such as epoxy to increase their resistance to breaking.
  • Use a geogrid with a higher tensile strength rating: Geogrids are rated based on their tensile strength, and using a geogrid with a higher rating can increase the overall strength and stability of the soil structure.
  • Anchor the geogrid properly: Proper anchoring of the geogrid is important to ensure that it is able to transfer load effectively and maintain its strength. This can be done through the use of anchor plates, soil nails, or other types of anchors.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for installation and use of fiberglass geogrid to ensure that they are used effectively and safely.

fiberglass geogrid manufacturers

Where is fiberglass geogrid used and how to construct it

The normal width of fiberglass geogrid is 6 meters, and the length of 4 meters is 100 meters. The mesh size is 34mm, 25.4mm, 12.7mm. If there is no specific requirement, 25.4mm is generally used. The mesh is different but The required pulling force can still be achieved. For example, 50 kN and 80 kN are commonly used specifications.

50 kN geogrid

Some fiberglass geogrids do not need to be fully paved during the process of processing expansion joints, or they can only fill the expansion joints with joint glue to prevent rainwater from eroding the roadbed, and then lay a layer of geogrid on it. Grille prevents reflective cracks in the pavement

Before laying the fiberglass geogrid, remove the sundries on the road surface, and then spray a layer of emulsified asphalt to make the fiberglass geogrid and the road surface stick together tightly, in order to prevent paving equipment and construction vehicles during construction Bring up the fiberglass geogrid to affect the construction quality and fix the fiberglass geogrid


Gaskets are generally fixed with steel nails per square

Steel nails for fixing gaskets

If the amount of work is not large, it is enough to fix the steel nail gasket with a hammer. If the amount of work is large, it is not suitable. The air pump can be connected to the nail gun for construction, which greatly improves the work efficiency. (like top video)

Glass fiber geogrid is generally used on roads, which greatly improves the tensile strength of asphalt concrete, and can resist large stresses without being damaged. It is mainly used for roadbed reinforcement of roads and railways, white to black roads, and special attention to cement pavement reconstruction. Fiberglass grids with a width of less than 1.5 meters should not be selected, as this will reduce their performance.

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