HDPE Composite Drainage Board 20 MM Dimple Drain Sheet Roof Garden Retaining Wall

Plastic HDPE dimple drainage board is the use of foundation or blow molding method to produce high density

polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane, pressed on geomembrane pressure after the special craft the closed swelled the

frustum of a cone shape, having a three-dimensional space and some support stiffness,liquid, gas can flow excreted

within its plate.
This is a latent many functions materials, the use of this plate can be easily constructed out of the overhead layer, using

overhead layer formed drainage, exhaust passage, at the same time to use the overhead layer reaches low noise, vibration

isolation function; drainage drain board water permeability in the field of civil construction can be widely used in the

overhead layer of roofing systems, roof planting, drainage protection building basement waterproofing system, and interior

floor insulation moisture protection, road and rail tunnel drainage water etc.

Greening projects:Roof garden,football filed, bath project

Municipal engineering:Road subgarde,subway,tunnel,landfill

Construction engineering:Roof impervious and heat insulation layer,ect

Traffic engineering:Road,railway subgrade,levees and protective cover

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