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How much is hdpe geomembrane per square

The price of this geomembrane is generally around 9000-11000 yuan/ton. Geomembranes are also calculated based on product specifications or thickness. The cost is lower than traditional waterproof materials, and HDPE geomembranes for general projects can save about 50% of the cost.

Fast construction speed—the anti-seepage membrane has high elasticity, and various specifications and laying forms meet the anti-seepage requirements of different projects. It adopts hot-melt welding, high welding strength, convenient construction, fast and healthy.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a major polymer material that can be made into various products with good protective effects. It has excellent durability, industrial chemical stability, high temperature resistance, high hardness, mechanical properties, etc., such as 1.5mm and 2.0mm geomembrane. The material standard is urban construction, the price of geomembrane is 1.5mm, and the material standard is urban construction. How to calculate? The standard of urban construction geomembrane is about 2mm, and the price of 1.5mm geomembrane is about 16 yuan. The thickness can be customized according to customer requirements.

High-density polyethylene geomembrane

High-density polyethylene geomembrane is widely used in anti-seepage structure at the bottom of landfill because of its excellent durability and low permeability. Studies have shown that it takes decades or even hundreds of years for the pollutants produced during the degradation of garbage to be completely purified. As an important part of the anti-seepage layer, HDPE geomembrane has a long service life and avoids being soaked by pollutants; therefore, the degradation of HDPE geomembrane is of great significance to the pollution prevention and control of landfill sites.

The permeability coefficient of geomembrane is very small, so it is an ideal anti-seepage material at present. It is a typical black viscoelastic data, which is very sensitive to the ambient temperature, and produces a large temperature stress with the change of the ambient temperature. There are few studies on thermal stress of geomembrane, and there is no practical evaluation method. The relationship between elastic modulus and temperature sensitivity of geomembrane and ambient temperature and temperature stress is discussed. Through a large number of experiments, the change law of temperature stress with temperature is obtained, and the experimental results are analyzed.

The price of hdpe geomembrane ranges from 2 yuan to 20 yuan, depending on its thickness and quality standards. For example, the current standard price of HDPE geomembrane for urban construction with high quality standard is about 9 yuan/square meter, while the price of non-standard products with the same thickness is only about 5.5 yuan/square meter, with a price difference of 3.5 yuan/square meter. It can be seen that the prices of HDPE geomembranes of the same thickness are also different.

Now let us take urban construction (CJ/T234-2006) as an example to illustrate how much is hdpe geomembrane per square meter?

  • HDPE geomembrane 0.75mm, about 7 yuan per square meter.
  • Hdpe geomembrane 1.0mm/m2 is about 9 yuan.
  • The hdpe geomembrane is 1.2mm, about 10.8 yuan/square meter.
  • Hdpe geomembrane 1.5mm/m2, about 13.5 yuan.

One of the anti-seepage membranes is to use anti-seepage membrane superglue (the thickness of the membrane is less than 0.8), and the other is to use a technical anti-seepage membrane automatic welding machine for hot-melt welding (the thickness of the membrane is greater than 0.8).

Naturally, it depends on the situation. The construction site of the anti-seepage membrane project is also more critical. If it is a concrete pavement, the edges can be directly connected to the edges, and the steel bars can be overlapped by about 20 cm.

If the impermeable membrane is a water storage tank, it is recommended to use hot-melt electric welding, which is relatively firm. If the area of ​​the impermeable membrane is small, special glue for impermeable membrane can be used.

Frequently asked questions about the application of special glue for impermeable membranes

  • 1). The anti-seepage membrane cannot peel off the cloth membrane and stick to each other, and the two adhesive surfaces cannot be stained with soil and other waste;
  • 2). The bonding width of the impermeable membrane should not be less than 5cm;
  • 3). The mold clamping force for the anti-seepage membrane should be sufficient, and the airing time should be appropriate (especially for glue adjustment). If the airing time is insufficient, it will easily lead to edge warping and glue smearing;
  • 4). If repeated bonding is necessary, glue should be applied again.

Important tips for impermeable membrane

  • 1). The anti-seepage membrane is not suitable for engineering construction in rainy days, and the adhesive cannot be bonded when it is wet and cold;
  • 2). Fireworks are prohibited on the impermeable membrane construction site.

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