HDPE waterproof Roof Garden Green dimple Drainage Board/Sheet with geotextile

Product Description

Dimple plastic drain sheet is made of high molecular, produced by extrusion and adsorption. The tri-dimensional space can drain gas and fluid. It’s a multi-functional material, and it can be used to channel water and gas easily, which is sound insulation and vibration isolation. In the field of civil construction, it can be widely used in building roof system layer overhead, planted roof drainage ventilation, basement waterproofing system production, thermal and moisture isolation of the interior surface, road and rail tunnel drainage protection. In the urban land, space, material resources are becoming scarce today. Plastic dimple drainage sheet can provide the most valuable option. 1. Waterproofing and drainage: form a channel, which water and gas can go through; 2. Sound insulation and vibration isolation, Chemical resistance, resist to plants’ root; 3. Easy for construction, and have long lifetime; 4. It can be used in highway and airway waterproofing system; Underground waterproofing; Roof garden waterproofing projects, etc.


1. Greening project: the garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, roof greening, football pitches, golf course, etc. 2. Municipal engineering: airport, road embankment, subway, tunnel, landfill, etc. 3. Construction: the upper or lower building foundation, inside and outside the basement wall, floor and roof, roof seepage control and heat insulation layer, etc. 4. Water conservancy project: the reservoir seepage water, reservoir, lake water seepage control, etc. 5. Traffic engineering: highway, railway basement, roadbed, dam and slope protection layer, etc

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