Hot sale geotube 130gsm anti-aging non-toxic black green non woven geobag

Product Description

Geobag is made of polypropylene (PP), which is made from double-sided ironing and non-woven fabric. In fully considering the material mechanics, hydraulics, biology, botany, and many other disciplines requirements under the premise of the ultraviolet resistance against the thickness of the life attitude, quality of units, has carried on the strict screening indexes of physical mechanics performance, with ultraviolet (UV), anti-aging, non-toxic, not combustion, crack extension, the characteristics of the real to achieve the zero pollution.

Product Function

● Excellent armor for erosion protection. Ideal for revetments and other hydraulic structures
● Versatile and highly robust engineered prefabricated to required sizes
● Three-dimensional fabric enhances soil entrapment and vegetation growth
● Reduces carbon footprint
● Cost effective and easy to install
● Geobags are available in biege and green options

Product Application

Coastal Protection
Coastal Protection is used to prevent coastline erosion and retreat to preserve natural landscapes, protect housing, and provide safety to on-shore infrastructure.
Dam and Levees
Dams and Levees are used to prevent flooding, enable construction to occur within calm water, storage of water, and to provide protection from storm activity.
Inland Waterway Protection
Inland Waterway Protection prevents erosion and shoreline retreat of any of the waters (as lakes, canals, rivers, watercourses, inlets, and bays) within the territory of an individual country.
Ports and Harbours
Ports and Harbors provide locations on a coast or shore where ships can dock, transfer people or cargo to or from land, and provide shelter from inclement weather.

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