Non-slip Stall Flooring Grid for Mud Control plastic grass paver Height 40 mm

1. Complete greening: The grass grid provides more than 95% of the planting area, complete greening effect, can absorb sound and dust, and obviously improves the quality and taste of the environment. 2. Saving investment: Planting grass grids makes parking and greening functions into one. In a city with a lot of money, it can save the developer’s valuable investment. 3. Flat and complete: The unique and stable flat-insertion lap joint of the planting grid makes the whole paving surface connected into a flat whole, avoiding partial depression, and the construction is extremely convenient. 4. High strength and long life: The grass trellis adopts special materials with patented technology and has high compressive resistance. 5. Performance stability, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance -40℃-90℃.

Grass grid uses a modified high molecular HDPE and PP as raw material, Material adopt high pressure injection forming technology to suppress the nest bee continuous shell, three-dimensional space and certain support height and strength, green environmental protection, completely Recyclable. It realizes a perfect combination of parking lots with lawn. Grass paver has good properties pressure-resistant, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It enhances the quality and saves investment. The flat lapping type is unique. It can save labor, fast, telescopic joint regulation.

Grass Grid Technical Parameter (GB standard)
Prodcut namePlastic Grass Grid 
Model GPP-38GPP-48GPP-68
Pressure Strength200ton/sqm-250ton/sqm
MaterialHDPE(High-desity polyethylene)
Product TypeVirign material and Recycled Material
Durabilityat least 4 years in natural ground of 4
Working TempratureApply in temperature of -10℃tp 50℃
Anti HCL30%x24h,no visible change
Thermal Aging70ICX24h,no visible change

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