PP Polyethylene Biaxial Geogrid for Base Soil Reinforcement Construction Soil Retainer

Biaxial Plastic Geogrid for Construction

Geogrid is made of high polymer, which is extruded the thin sheet, then rushed the regular mesh and two ways extension. This material has a high tensile strength, so it can also provide the ideal force bear and spread of the interlock systems for the soil, suitable for large area permanent load-bearing of groundwork.

Biaxial geogrids have been utilized in pavement construction and soil stabilization projects throughout the worldwide.Biaxial Geogrid is Strata’s innovative geogrid that is made from extruded polypropylene which provides superior stiffness, aperture stability and interlock capabilities for structural reinforcement of paved and unpaved roads.

Geogrid Specifications:

 Geogrid Feature:

Increase the bearing capacity of the roadbed and foundation and prolong their service life.
Prevent road surface and foundation from sinking or flawing, keep clean and beautiful ground surface.
Convenient construction saves time and labor, reduce mounting time and decrease maintenance expense.
Prevent culverts from flawing.
Enhance earth slope and prevent water loss and soil erosion.
Decrease underlayer thickness and save manufacturing cost.
Enhance the stability of side slope turf net patch to improve greening.
Replace wire netting used in mine as intermediate ceiling netting.

 Geogrid Performance

1,High tensile strength at both longitudinal (MD) and transverse direction(XMD).
2,Improving bearing capacity of foundation;
3,Preventing cracking and subsiding;
4,Convenient to construct, reducing cost and maintaining expense.

 Geogrid Application

1. It is applied in reinforcement of roadbed and road surface of road, railway, airport, etc.;
2. It is applied in foundation reinforcement of perpetual bearings such as large-scale park, dock, and freight yard, etc.;
3. It is applied in the secondary reinforcement of earth slope after being reinforced by uniaxial plastic geogrid so as to further reinforce the earth slope and prevent water and soil loss;
4. It is applied in the reinforcement of culvert;
5. It is applied in slope protection of railway and road;
6. Reinforcement of mine and gallery;
7. Special network used in livestock breeding;
8. Special network used in cage culture.

 Geogrid Shipping


1, What is the difference between uniaxial and biaxial geogrid?
Biaxial geogrids are those that exhibit the same strength in both the machine directions MD and cross-machine directions CMD while uniaxial geogrids exhibit the primary strength in the machine direction with minimal strength, enough to maintain the aperture structure, in the cross-machine direction.

2, How many types of geogrids are there?
There are three different types of geogrids: Uniaxial, Biaxial, and Triaxial . Each one is designed and manufactured for specific construction applications with various tensile strengths.

3: How long is the delivery time?

Generally it is 2-3 days if the goods are in stock. Or 10-15if not in stock, according to the quantity.

4:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes,samples are free

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