What is the use of geocell ground grid?

geocell ground grid

The Ground Grid Geocell kit is perfect for a variety of landscaping projects, including driveways, parking areas, trails, paths, and patios. The geocellular system is easy to install and can be infilled with grass, gravel, or sand, depending on the intended use.

The Advantage of Geocell

  • Provides cost effective, long-term slope and channel protection and stabilization.
  • Ease in transportation and on-site handling due to collapsible cells.
  • Rapid and simple installation conforms to most terrain profiles.
  • Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength.
  • Easily dismantled and subsequently re-used.
  • Withstands high weight bearing loads.
  • Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemica

Technical Parameters:

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