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It can be used to strengthen weak foundations, rapidly increase the bearing capacity of foundations, and control foundation settlement and uneven settlement. At present, it is mostly used in projects such as railways and highways that have relatively low requirements for foundation treatment. Reinforced earth retaining walls and revetments. In the reinforced soil retaining wall, the tensile strength of the geogrid and the restraint of the lateral displacement of soil particles will greatly increase the stability of the soil itself.

Now it is mostly used for reinforcement of railway and highway slope retaining walls, embankment revetment and some high slope projects. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the construction of flood control and bank protection projects, and the number of engineering construction projects has increased, resulting in the application of geogrids in embankment projects. Especially in urban embankment projects, in order to reduce the land occupation of embankment projects and increase valuable land resources, the slope protection of river embankments always tends to adopt a steeper slope. For embankment projects filled with earth and rocks, when the filling materials cannot meet the stability requirements of slope protection, the use of reinforced soil can not only solve the stability requirements of slope protection well, but also reduce the unevenness of the embankment body.

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After the filler is compacted, it is not exposed to ultraviolet light and oxygen. According to the design requirements, the steel-plastic composite geogrid is laid on the artificial full-section, and the laying direction is perpendicular to the direction of the line. , the overlapping width is 0.3-0.5m, no wrinkles and damages are allowed, try to pull as tight as possible, and use lead wires for binding and connection at every 1m interval. The corrosion of steel-plastic geogrid depends on the chemical characteristics of the material itself. The best choice of geogrid, system or standard steel-plastic geogrid products can effectively improve the interlocking and occlusion of the reinforced bearing surface, and maximize the Enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation. Geogrid can be used for tall retaining walls in highways. Compared with traditional materials, it has the characteristics of high strength and strong bearing capacity. Steel-plastic geogrid can resist moisture, water, acid, alkali and salt corrosion, which is determined by the chemical characteristics of the material itself.

Protect from year-round sun exposure. Then carry out mechanical material conveying, trimming and rolling. Mechanical paving and rolling are pushed from both sides to both sides, and rolling is carried out from both sides to both sides, and the degree of compaction is maintained to achieve standard rejection. The interlocking force of the pellets in the grid mesh, the friction coefficient is obviously increased. It can be said that among many geosynthetic materials, under the same strain, the tensile strength of geogrid is the highest, and its tensile strength has been connected to that of mild steel. In addition to strong tensile strength, geogrid also has good durability, because the geogrid material is made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene plastic as the main raw material, and contains anti-aging materials such as anti-ultraviolet and carbon black. Auxiliary components can prevent acid, alkali, salt, alcohol, gasoline and other organic solvents and anti-ultraviolet erosion. The company produces various series of geogrids in the form of fiberglass, plastic, steel-plastic, and two-way. A complete range of products, wholesale discounts. Welcome to consult, thank you! According to relevant data, under normal temperature conditions and design allowable loads.

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The project benefits are better. The geogrid reinforcement layer has a significant effect on preventing base layer crack reflection and prolonging the life of the pavement. Geogrid has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, no creep, good compatibility with asphalt mixture, stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature resistance, strong interlocking and restrictive effects, and its main function is uniform transmission Shaft load, and transfer the reflected crack stress from the vertical direction to the water direction. It is used for roadbed reinforcement, so that the granular filler and the grid are interlocked together to form a stable surface, prevent the filler from sinking, and can disperse the vertical load. Multi-layer reinforcement can be used in areas with harsh geographical conditions; 2. Lay on It can increase its stability and reduce the occupied area in embankment and embankment filling; 3. It is used for road surface reinforcement, so that the mesh and road surface materials are mixed together, which can effectively disperse and transfer loads and prevent road surface cracks; 4. Can withstand a certain impact load; 5. Can bear. The use of geogrid can enhance the overall tensile strength of the asphalt mixture and effectively improve the structural stress of the pavement.

Strong tensile force, anti-aging, complete qualifications such as test reports and certificates. For inquiries and orders, welcome to contact us! Geogrid, production! All kinds of geogrids such as fiberglass, plastic, steel, plastic, two-way polyester, etc., are supplied wholesale at ex-factory prices. The products have excellent performance, strong tensile force, anti-aging, and provide testing reports, certificates and other qualifications. For inquiries and orders, welcome to contact us! If the construction site is rough, do not fix the geogrid in the ditch at the foot of the slope with stones or earthworks. If the water in the construction site cannot be completely removed, the geogrid must be fixed in the ditch while grabbing the ditch, and it must be carried out in both directions underwater and on the slope at the same time, otherwise the wave will float the geogrid and wash it away. Out of the slope toe ditch, and even tear the geogrid. During construction in cold weather, it is important to avoid ice formation on the geogrid. Lay a layer of 8-13cm thick gravel or crushed stone cushion on the geogrid to protect the geogrid, so as to avoid breaking or tearing the geogrid due to the movement of large rocks in stormy or windy waves.

When the geogrid is placed between different soil walls, it plays the role of separation and drainage, so that the soil flags with different properties will not mix and maintain a good working condition. The reinforcement effect of steel-plastic composite geogrid in the road is not only manifested in the reinforcement of steel-plastic composite geogrid to road tombs, but more importantly, the steel-plastic composite geogrid has a uniform load effect, which makes the effect on the steel-plastic composite geogrid. The load on the geogrid is evenly distributed to the foundation, reducing the concentrated load on the cemetery, so that the road structure remains stable. After the steel-plastic composite geogrid is laid between the crushed stone subgrade and the soil foundation under the highway, the vertical load produces the water stress of the steel-plastic composite geogrid, which makes the steel-plastic composite geogrid tense, and the load is distributed to a larger area. On the large-area earthen wall, the strength of the vertical stress is weakened, and the road is protected. The geogrid allows water to pass through, and prevents the loss of sandy earthen particles. Geogrid, production! All kinds of geogrids such as fiberglass, plastic, steel-plastic, two-way polyester, etc., are supplied wholesale at ex-factory prices, and the product performance is excellent.

Geogrid Factory has imported production equipment for geomembrane, bentonite waterproof blanket and composite geomembrane products from abroad. The company has continuously won the market and achieved development with its strong technical force, first-class product quality and perfect service. The products are widely used in hundreds of engineering constructions because of their wide application fields, anti-aging, good durability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmental protection. The company has established good cooperative relations with many large-scale construction engineering groups such as “China Gold Group“, “China Petrochemical Construction”, and “China Railway Construction”, and has jointly completed a number of engineering projects.

Geogrid Material Suppliers


  1. Anti-seepage of Tailings Dam of Jiapigou Mining Industry of CICC;
  2. China Petrochemical Construction Algeria CNPC Sewage Pool Project;
  3. Petroleum sewage tank of No. 6 Plant of Zhongyuan Oilfield;
  4. Landfill in Huojia County, Henan;
  5. Landfill in Linshu County, Shandong;
  6. 80,000 cubic meters of black film biogas digesters in Dongtai, Yancheng, Jiangsu;
  7. Landfill in Yishui County, Shandong;
  8. Anti-seepage of artificial lake water system of Ganzhou Golden Villa;
  9. Anti-seepage of artificial lakes in Beijing Guta Park and Chaoyang Park, anti-seepage of artificial lake water system in Metrology Institute;
  10. Jilin Ersong Shen Pai et al.

The transportation projects that the company has participated in the construction of in the past few years:

  • Beijing Subway Line 6, Kunshi Expressway Twelfth Section, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Jitai Section, etc.;
  • Participated in the construction of water conservancy projects: Donghu Reservoir in Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan Section Treatment Project of Songhua River in Heilongjiang Province, and Reinforced Wall Project of Shifosi Reservoir in Liaoning
  • Province. It has been proved by users and construction units that the quality is stable and reliable, the construction is convenient, the price is reasonable, and the service is perfect.

Our company also undertakes the welding construction of geomembranes and composite geomembranes for anti-seepage projects such as artificial lakes, landfills, tailings dams, slag yards and ash dams.

Geogrid Material Suppliers

At the construction site, someone once soaked the tendons with concentrated sulfuric acid for 4-5 days, without damaging them. However, the acid, alkali and salt contained in the soil have almost no adverse effects on the steel-plastic composite ties. In addition, in the production process of the steel-plastic composite ties, an appropriate amount of anti-aging, oxidation and light shielding agents are added to effectively slow down its aging and oxidation speed. Ribbon strength does not decrease, while elongation does not increase. The construction of steel-plastic geogrid is simple, and it is convenient to extend or connect with the panel. The number of ties at each node is reduced by one-half to two-thirds compared with flexible ties, and does not require welding, bolting, riveting and anti-corrosion treatment like rigid ties, labor-saving laying, non-overlapping crossings, Inelastic curling, easy for large-area mechanized construction operations. In addition, the prefabricated construction method can save labor and shorten the construction period, thereby reducing the cost of the entire reinforced soil project. Compared with flexible ties, steel-plastic composite ties can save 10-15% of ties.

The good separation and drainage of the steel-plastic geogrid, on the one hand, limits the upward run-up of the soil slope and maintains good drainage performance of gravel and ballast; The road tomb is consolidated, and at the same time, it can prevent the gravel road brigade from sinking into the road tomb, basically eliminating the mud turning caused by poor roadbed. Geogrid, production! All kinds of geogrids such as fiberglass, plastic, steel, plastic, two-way polyester, etc., are supplied wholesale at ex-factory prices. The products have excellent performance, strong tensile force, anti-aging, and provide testing reports, certificates and other qualifications.

For inquiries and orders, welcome to contact us! In swampy areas with poor drainage, the placement of steel-plastic geogrids can make the line more stable, and the daily maintenance work such as the cleaning of broken roads and the maintenance of roadbeds can be greatly reduced. To prevent and control frost damage, it is mainly to reduce the groundwater level and improve the drainage of the roadbed. The effect of reducing the groundwater level by building seepage trenches with steel-plastic geogrids is remarkable. At the same time, the separation and drainage of the steel-plastic geogrid in the subgrade.

Reinforcing material over a width of 1.5m helps to ensure that energy is dissipated on both sides of the crack. Fiberglass geogrid anti-fatigue cracking asphalt overlay on the old cement concrete pavement, its main function is to improve the use function of the pavement, but it does not contribute much to the load-bearing function, and the rigid concrete pavement under the overlay still plays a key role. Bearing role. Unlike asphalt overlay on old asphalt pavement, the asphalt overlay will be carried along with the old asphalt pavement.

Therefore, the asphalt overlay on the asphalt concrete pavement will not only cause reflection cracks, but also fatigue cracks due to the long-term action of the load. We conducted a stress analysis on the loading of the asphalt overlay on the old asphalt concrete pavement: since the underside of the asphalt overlay is a flexible surface layer with the same nature as the asphalt overlay, when the load is applied, the road surface will bend Shen. Where the asphalt overlay is in direct contact with the wheel, it is under compression, and in areas other than the wheel load edge, the overlay is under tension.

The main stress unit of steel-plastic composite geogrid is steel wire, which has low creep. Through the treatment of the plastic surface in the production process, rough patterns are pressed to enhance the roughness of the grid surface and improve the friction coefficient between the steel-plastic composite geogrid and the soil. The steel-plastic composite geogrid has a width of up to 6m, achieving efficient and economical reinforcement.

The high-density polyethylene used in the steel-plastic composite geogrid can ensure that: it will not be corroded by acid, alkali and salt solution, or oil at room temperature; it will not be attacked by water dissolution or microorganisms. At the same time, the polymer properties of polyethylene are also sufficient to resist aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. After the grille is stressed, the vertical and horizontal ribs work together without cracking or damage to the joints. Geogrid, production! All kinds of geogrids such as fiberglass, plastic, steel, plastic, two-way polyester, etc., are supplied wholesale at ex-factory prices. The products have excellent performance, strong tensile force, anti-aging, and provide testing reports, certificates and other qualifications. For inquiries and orders, welcome to contact us! And the actual work.

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