Biaxial Plastic geogrid

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Biaxially stretched plastic geogrid is a main reinforcement material, compared with other types of soil reinforcement methods, it has the following characteristics. Convenient construction; economical and durable; strong designability; strong ability to adapt to the environment, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in engineering field.

Biaxial Plastic geogrid

Biaxially oriented polyester fibers, uniaxially oriented polypropylene, and uniaxially oriented nylon are one of three commonly used types of polymer-based composites, all of which have high strength and stiffness and low elongation. But their mechanical properties are not the same.

Below we introduce the mechanical properties and differences of the three respectively. ,

  1. High tensile strength (≥5kn/m), low elongation (≤5%).
  2. good corrosion resistance (not subject to chemical corrosion);
  3. Good wear resistance (low coefficient of friction).

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What is the main function of Biaxial Plastic geogrid?

  1. The first is to prevent soil erosion. Because its main component is polyester staple fiber needle-punched non-woven fabric, it can effectively prevent water loss.
  2. The second is to increase the bearing capacity. Since it is a high-strength new composite material made by a special process, it can greatly increase the bearing capacity of the project to a certain extent.
  3. There is also the role of anti-puncture. Because it has a certain degree of flexibility and has undergone special treatment, it has a strong ability to resist tearing. In this way, it is not afraid of being pierced by sharp objects during construction. leakage occurs

What is a Biaxial Plastic geogrid:

Bidirectional plastic geogrid is another name for biaxially stretched geogrid. From the name, it can be seen that its material is plastic. It is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which is melted into the machine, and at the same time It is made by adding various additives, extruding into boards, punching holes, stretching longitudinally, and then stretching transversely.

What are the characteristics of Biaxial Plastic geogrid:

As the name suggests, the bidirectional geogrid has the same tensile strength in two directions, that is, the longitudinal and transverse directions. This design method can make it bear and spread the load from the road evenly in the soil, and reduce uneven settlement. The mesh structure enhances the frictional tension between the filler and the filler, effectively restraining the filler from expanding.

What is the use of Biaxial Plastic geogrid:

Biaxial Plastic geogrid is very suitable for large-area soft soil foundation reinforcement, such as roads, railways, airports, parking lots, docks, freight yards, embankments, bridgeheads, etc. have very good results, but it does not mean that it is in other aspects There is no advantage, and it is also very suitable for slope protection and cave wall reinforcement.

What are the advantages of Biaxial Plastic geogrid:

  1. Increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) foundation and prolong the service life of the road (ground) foundation.
  2. Prevent the road (ground) surface from subsidence or cracks, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
  3. Reduce the thickness of gravel filler cushion, reduce the embankment height, and save the cost.
  4. It can replace the slope protection mesh pad for green support, and can strengthen the slope at the same time, which is firmer and more stable than the mesh pad.
  5. With good chemical stability, it can replace metal mesh and be used for false roof mesh in coal mines.
  6. Convenient construction, saving time and effort, shortening the construction period and reducing maintenance costs.

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