Geomembrane Dam Liner

HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane is the low permeable synthetic geomembrane liner and geotechnical engineering materials which are widely used for acquanculture and water containment applications.  HDPE Geomembrane is made of finest quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) with specially formulated, virgin polyethylene resin, combined with specified quantity carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging agent and UV resistance components, which makes our smooth geomembrane HDPE Geomembrane with excellent resistance to UV radiation and is suitable for exposed conditions. HDPE Geomembrane is the ideal low permeable synthetic material for Shrimp farming.

Whether you’re constructing a reservoir, pond, pond, dam, or lake, our HDPE pond liners offer unparalleled protection against leaks and other forms of damage. Made from top-quality materials that are resistant to punctures and tears, our liners are designed to last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

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