PET High-Strength Series of Woven Polyester Geotextiles

High Strength PET Woven Geotextile is high strength woven geotextiles manufactured by weaving high tenacity polyester filament yarns into a dimensionally stable network. The inherent characteristics of polyester – high tensile strength and modulus, low elongation, low creep and high long-term design strength – makes these products ideal for soil reinforcement applications. The fabric develops excellent frictional interaction with a wide variety of soils and granular materials.

The relatively small openings of these fabrics enable them to act as efficient separators preventing the mixing of costly granular materials with fine-grained soils. The geotextile has reasonably high permeability to prevent excessive build-up of pore-pressures due to applied loadings.

Application scope
  • For highway, railway, airport, dam, embankment, retaining wall backfill, edge Pei and other rock engineering, the dispersion of soil stress to increase the modulus of soil parts, to limit the soil slip, improve stability.
  • To prevent the embankment by the wind, waves, tide, rain erosion, and for the revetment, slope protection, bottom, to prevent soil erosion.
  • For the embankment, dam, river and coastal stone fast, soil slope, retaining wall of the filter layer, to prevent sand particles through, and allow water or air through the free.

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