HDPE drainage layer for foundation wall

1) Introduction

Drainage board is made of HDPE . It’s with high impact and pressure resistance which is quite durable.
The long-term pressure resistance not only can stand the weight of concrete bottom plate but also the unavoidable outside pressure and impact force during construction. For example, vehicle, worker stepping, concrete pouring impact force, etc. It can keep bottom plate undeformed for long term.

And with the  help of geotextile filter layer , it ensure drainage channel is not blocked by foreign object, such as backfilling particle or concrete.

2) Application

1. Greening project: the garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, football pitches, golf course, etc.
2. Municipal engineering: airport, road embankment, subway, tunnel, landfill, etc.
3. Construction: the upper or lower building foundation, inside and outside the basement wall, floor and roof, roof seepage control and heat insulation layer, etc.
4. Water conservancy project: the reservoir seepage water, reservoir, lake water seepage control, etc.
5. Traffic engineering: highway, railway basement, roadbed, dam and slope protection layer, etc.

Features: Drainage board integrates waterproof and drainage, solves relation between waterproof and drainage successfully, and is better and more reliable than traditional stone pottery particle drainage and other filter layer both in drainage function and economic benefit.
Composite drainage board is the combination of waterproof and dewatering, increasing durability of engineering. Its performance aging period is up to 120 years. Durability is an important link of waterproof and drainage, which has higher requirements to the waterproof and drainage of buildings. Applying modern flexible waterproofing material building waterproof system, in theory, it can be completely impervious. However, there is damage of waterproof system usually. There may be leakage in the environment. Composite waterproof and drainage board can dredge and discharge part water to combine prevention, discharge, cut and plugging together to meet the requirements of modern building waterproof and drainage system.

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