High quality 3D geomat for construction or landscape

Product Description

High quality 3D geomat for construction or landscape

It is a kind of high polymer synthetic material made of 3D mesh structure, quality of a material is loose, flexible, with 90% of the space can fill soil,sand,the roots of the plants are grown through them balanced, the growth of grass make gauze pad, turf,soil surface firmly together, because the plant roots can be extended into the surface of the 30-50 cm, so the formation of a solid layer of green composite coating.


item3D geomat
Warranty1 Year
After-sale ServiceOnline technical support
Project Solution Capabilitytotal solution for projects
Design StyleContemporary
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameZhongloo
Model NumberEM2,EM3,EM4,EM5
Type3D Geomat
TYPEErosion Control Mat
MaterialPP PE
ColorGreen Black
UsageConstruction,slope, landscape

Product Features

High quality 3D geomat for construction or landscape

1.Before the greensward grows, it prevents the surface of the land from the erosion of the wind and rain.
2.Form compound protection layer with the vegetable, standing the wash-out of the high water level and large speed current.
3.Replace the concrete, asphalt, and block, using in the slope surface protection of roadway, railway, river-way, dyke, and the hillside, etc.


(1) Before the grass growing up ,it can protect the land surface from wind erosion.
(2) It can keep seed uniform and firm on the slope casting surface from the wind and rain rushing away.
(3) Black nets mat can absorb a lot of heat, increase humidity, promote seed germination,and extend the plant growth.
(4) The rough surface keeps the wind, water flow in the nets mat surface,and then produces countless eddy current,to weaken generating function.
(5) Plants grow up and form compound protection layer.the layer can withstand high water level, the flow velocity flushing.

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