Macmat with Steel Mesh Reinforcement 3D Geomat Price


Three-dimensional geomat refers to a new technology that uses active plants and combined with engineering materials such as geosynthetics to build a protection system with its own growth ability on the slope surface, and strengthens the slope through the growth of plants. According to the characteristics of the topography, soil quality and regional climate of the slope, the surface of the slope is covered with a layer of geosynthetic material and a variety of plants are planted according to a certain combination and spacing. Through the growth activities of plants, the purpose of reinforcing root system and preventing erosion of stems and leaves can be achieved. After ecological slope protection technology, dense vegetation coverage can be formed on the slope surface, and a root system with intertwined roots can be formed on the topsoil layer, which can effectively inhibit the impact of rainstorm runoff on the slope. Erosion, increase the shear strength of the soil, reduce the pore water pressure and the self-gravity of the soil, thereby greatly improving the stability and scour resistance of the slope.

Product Description

Product Name3-D Erosion Control Mat
Unit Weight≥(g/ m 2 )260
Tensile Strength≥(kN/m)1.4

Reinforced Geomat Product Application

The Reinforced Geomat is PP mesh mat composited with wire mesh, which is galvanized in case of

erosion control.

The structure allows enough space for keeping the soil and grass growing. It is malleable to suite

the structure changing, and also easy to install.

It can be widely used to Road bed, Rail way, Slope protection, Sea coast protection & erosion

control and Channel.

Technical Paremeters


1, can replace concrete, asphalt, riprap and other slope protection materials, mainly used for highway, railway, river, dam, hillside and other slope protection.

2. Protect the land from wind and rain until the turf grows.

3. The compound protective layer formed by the plant grows can withstand the erosion of high water level and large flow rate.

4. The project cost can be greatly reduced. The cost is only 1 / 7 of concrete slope protection and dry stone slope protection, and 1 / 8 of slurry block stone slope protection.

5. due to the use of polymer materials and UV UV stabilizer, its high chemical stability, no pollution to the environment. 6, the construction is simple, after the surface leveling, it can be constructed.

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