High Tensile HDPE 3D Composite Geonet for for Landfill Road Drainage

Product Description

Three dimensional composite drainage network is a new type of geosynthetics. Its structure is a three dimensional geonet core, and there are needle punched non woven geotextiles on both sides. The three dimensional geogrid core consists of a thick vertical rib and an inclined rib at the top and bottom, which can rapidly drain the around water from the road. 
It also has a pore maintenance system, which can block capillary water under high load. At the same time, it                                          
can also play the role of isolation and foundation reinforcement.

Technical Parameter

Product Application

1) Landfill drainage;
2) Roadbed and road drainage;
3) Railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainage.
4) The retaining back wall drainage,
5) gardens and sports grounds drainage.

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