Plastic Biaxial PP Polypropylene HDPE Geogrid Combigrid Nonwoven Woven Geotextile Composite Polypropylene Geocomposite Composite Geogrid

Product Description

The properties of Biaxial Geogrids, made of Polypropylene (PP) with their square apertures, high tensile strength and optimised geometry of nodes and ribs make them equal to any other similar material. The reinforcing action of PP Biaxial Geogrids lies mainly in confining soil and increasing its shearing resistance by a process of interlocking between the square ribs and the soil. The load dispersal effect from the interlocking mechanism is highly effective and can reduce sub-base thickness and construction cost. PP Biaxial Geogrids can be used with any kind of mechanical fill material. Two aperture size ranges are available for optimum matching with project fill.

Longgitudinal Tensile strength ≥ (KN/m)15202530354045
Transverse Tensile strength ≥ (KN/m)15202530354045
Longitudunal Elongation ≤ (%)15
Transverse Elongation ≤ (%)13
Longitudinal Tensile strength at 2% strain ≥ (KN/m)57910.5121416
Transverse Tensile strength at 2% strain ≥ (KN/m)57910.5121416
Longitudinal Tensile strength at 5% strain ≥ (KN/m)7141721242832
Transverse Tensile strength at 5% strain ≥ (KN/m)7141721242832
Width ≤ (m)6

Product Application

  1. Reinforcement and Stabilisation of earth fencing walls, railways, highways and water conservation projects;
  2. Reinforcement of road foundations;
  3. Retaining walls;
  4. Road slope repair and reinforcement;
  5. Be used in noise barriers construction.

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