Polyester Geogrid Reinforcement for Civil Engineering Ground

Polyester Geogrid Description:

POLYESTER GEOGRID  Polyester geogrid is a new kind of earthwork base material;which is used to strengthen the road surface and roadbed. Composing of high-strength polyester yarns,coated with an inorganic sizing agent.

 Polyester geogrid Features
1.High tensile strength low elongation
2.High tear – resistant
3.Strong combination with gravel and soil
4.Anticorrosive,anti-aging and alkali-resistant

Polyester warp knitted polyester geogrid adopts high strength polyester industrial filament, weaving warp mesh fabric through warp knitting, and processing it into geogrid by PVC coating. It is applied to the treatment of soft soil foundation and reinforcement of subgrade, dyke and other projects, so as to improve the quality of the project and reduce the cost of the project.

polyester geogrid Technical

polyester geogrid Application

Roads, railways, water conservancy and other soft soil foundations are strengthened and reinforced.

1. Railway ballast protection: due to train vibration and wind and rain, the ballast is lost. Use a geogrid to wrap the ballast to prevent the ballast from losing and improve the stability of the roadbed; 

2. Railway retaining wall: Geogrid is used to strengthen the retaining wall on the side of the railway, such as the platform and cargo platform in the railway station, which can extend the service life and reduce the maintenance cost; 

3. Reinforced retaining wall: add geogrid beside the highway and in the vertical retaining wall to improve the bearing capacity of the retaining wall; 

4. The foundation of the abutment is generally easy to sink downwards and the phenomenon of vehicle jumping occurs. Paving the geogrid under the foundation of the abutment can increase the bearing capacity and stabilize the abutment.

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