PP PE Plastic Biaxial Geogrid for Civil Ground Pavement


  Biaxial geogrid is made by Raw material: Polypropylene, through special extruded& biaxial.


Mainly used in highway and railroad to reduce the subsiding difference ofthe roadbed and bridgehead, lower the vibration of the vehicles and theroadbed, slower the roadbed structure distortion to guarantee the security and comfort.   To lay the geogrid in the backfill soil can increase the shearing strength and the whole character in middle terms, reduce the mid-term filling quantity,     make the soft base more convenient, lower the construction cost.   When used in the dam design, it can be as the muscle structure to improve the  bearing distortion performance of the dam to avoid breaking.

*High Tear Strength
*Flexible and durable
*Excellent Creep Resistance
*UV resistance
*Cost effective
*High chemical and biological resistance
*High Tensile Strength and Low Elgongation
*Optimun stability of the junction strength of the grid
*Increased pull-out resistance and compound strength
*High resistance to installation damage and ease of installation

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