The Slope Geogrid Construction Scheme

The slope geogrid construction scheme is as follows:

  • Grass-roots preparation: clean up debris and stones on the slope, level the slope, and geogrids can be wrapped with geotextiles for uneven areas to achieve smoothness.
  • Lay geogrid: Lay geogrid on the flat slope, geogrid has horizontal and vertical. The grid should be laid on the horizontal and longitudinal axis of the line, with moderate tightness, and the filling material should be based on the transverse tension of more than 4% of the geogrid.
  • Filling material: use soil and stone filler to fill the sunken part and level it.
  • Longitudinal filling: Use bulldozers to push the leveled filling layer by layer to the top of the slope and level it.
  • Laying of geogrid: When laying geogrid, try to be smooth, no looseness is allowed, and it should be tightened manually.
  • Slope greening: If the vegetation of the slope cannot be restored in time, the slope surface should be trimmed manually to ensure the stability and beauty of the slope.

    The requirements for geogrid reinforcement of fill slopes are as follows:

    • First, extend the base slope line by 0.5m on each side to ensure the width of the subgrade, level and dry the base soil, use 25T vibrating static pressure twice, and then impact 4 times with 50T, and adjust the unevenness manually.
    • When laying geogrids, the bottom surface of the geogrids should be flat and dense, generally straight, not overlapping, not curled, and not kinked. Two adjacent geogrids should overlap by 0.2m, and the overlapping part of the geogrids should be Connect with No. 8 iron wire every 1m, and fix it on the ground with U-shaped nails every 1.5-2m.
    • The construction method of the second layer of geogrid is the same as that of the first layer, and then fill with 0.3m medium (coarse) sand in the same way as the first layer.
    • After the three layers of (coarse) sand are rolled, lay two pieces of geogrid vertically along both sides of the slope, connecting 0.16m in the same connection method, and then start earthwork and lay earthwork grid slope protection. The paved edge should be measured at each layer and each side to ensure that the geogrid is embedded in the slope by 0.10m after slope reconstruction.
    • Every two layers of soil, that is, when the thickness of the soil layer is 0.8m, a layer of geogrid should be laid on both sides of the slope, and so on, until it is laid below the road shoulder.

    Hope the above information can help you, if you have other questions, please let me know.

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