Geogrid Mesh 100kn/M Biaxial Tensile Plastic Geogrid for Asphalt Suppliers

The properties of Biaxial Geogrids, made of Polypropylene (PP) with their square apertures, high tensile strength and optimised geometry of nodes and ribs make them equal to any other similar material. The reinforcing action of PP Biaxial Geogrids lies mainly in confining soil and increasing its shearing resistance by a process of interlocking between the square ribs and the soil. The load dispersal effect from the interlocking mechanism is highly effective and can reduce sub-base thickness and construction cost. PP Biaxial Geogrids can be used with any kind of mechanical fill material. Two aperture size ranges are available for optimum matching with project fill.

Longgitudinal Tensile strength ≥ (KN/m)15202530354045
Transverse Tensile strength ≥ (KN/m)15202530354045
Longitudunal Elongation ≤ (%)15
Transverse Elongation ≤ (%)13
Longitudinal Tensile strength at 2% strain ≥ (KN/m)57910.5121416
Transverse Tensile strength at 2% strain ≥ (KN/m)57910.5121416
Longitudinal Tensile strength at 5% strain ≥ (KN/m)7141721242832
Transverse Tensile strength at 5% strain ≥ (KN/m)7141721242832
Width ≤ (m)6

Product Application

1. Increase the bearing capacity of the foundation and prolong the service life of the foundation.
2. Prevent the ground from caving in or producing cracks, and keep the ground beautiful and neat.
3. Convenient construction, save time and effort, shorten the construction period and reduce maintenance cost.
4. Prevent culverts from cracking.
5. Enhance soil slope and prevent soil erosion.
6. Reduce the thickness of bedding layer and save the cost.
7. Support the stability of slope vegetation mesh mat greening environment.
8. It can replace metal mesh and be used for false roof mesh in underground coal mine.

1, What is the difference between uniaxial and biaxial geogrid?
Biaxial geogrids are those that exhibit the same strength in both the machine directions MD and cross-machine directions CMD while uniaxial geogrids exhibit the primary strength in the machine direction with minimal strength, enough to maintain the aperture structure, in the cross-machine direction.

2, How many types of geogrids are there?
There are three different types of geogrids: Uniaxial, Biaxial, and Triaxial . Each one is designed and manufactured for specific construction applications with various tensile strengths.

3: How long is the delivery time?

Generally it is 2-3 days if the goods are in stock. Or 10-15 days if not in stock, according to the quantity.

4:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes,samples are free

Any more informations,please feel free contact us.

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