Geomats with Steel Mesh Reinforcement Macmat

Enkamat is a dense three-dimensional permanent turf reinforcement mat used when naturally grown vegetation cannot prevent soil erosion on its own. Enkamat functions as a protective reinforcing layer to the root system increasing the hold of the plants to the ground below. Once a layer of vegetation is established, Enkamat provides root systems with permanent reinforcement, resulting in an integrated, effective erosion control system on soil slopes or in waterways.


Product NameMacmat
Mesh size6*8cm,8*10cm,10*12cm
Width2M or as your request.
Length25m  or as your request.

Good water permeability:The pores of reinforced three-dimensional mesh mat are conducive to the drainage of water after filling.
Vegetation availability:It creates conditions for water flow and realizes the natural exchange between water and soil, which makes the natural growth of vegetation become a reality. After a period of time, the structure and nature really reach a harmonious unity.
Long service life:The excellent manufacturing process ensures the uniformity of the thickness of the coating, and the corrosion resistance is stronger. So the service life is guaranteed.
Economy: The cost of drainage facilities required by the traditional retaining structure is saved, and the overall cost of the
project is reduced.

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ApplicationEnkamat can be used for sound insulation and noise reduction for building metal roof and so on.

Slope Protection, Erosion Control MatReinforcement for Dam

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