Geosynthetics HDPE Geomembrane Dam Liner

Product Description


HDPE geomembrane is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene resins. The surfaces of both sides are smooth. The products are manufactured by the technology of coextrusion-blown triple layer. It provides geomembranes with specific properties on each layer, e.g. bicolor and/or textured designs.


Product Name:100% virgin raw material waterproof hdpe lldpe geomembrane for lagoon dam pond liner
Geomembrane Thickness:0.1mm-2.5mm
Geomembrane width:1m-6m or follow customers’ demand
Geomembrane Length :50m/roll,100m/roll,150m/roll or follow your request
Geomembrane Color:White,Black,Green,Blue
Geomembrane Material:100% Virgin HDPE resin
Geomembrane SurfaceSmooth
Geomembrane Application
Artificial lake,pond liner ,domestic garbage landfill,mining&chemical industry,roof garden,fish pond,reservoir etc.
Geomembrane Certificate:ISO 9001


1.Environmental protection and sanitation, such as landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulating pool, industrial and hospital solid waste, etc;

2.Water conservancy projects, such as seepage prevention, leakage stoppage, reinforcement, seepage control of water channel, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc;

3.Municipal Engineering: subway, building underground engineering, planting roof, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage control, etc

4.Artificial lake, river course, reservoir, pond bottom of golf course, slope protection, waterproof and moisture-proof of green lawn, etc

5.Petrochemical industry: chemical plant, oil refinery, oil storage tank, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc;

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