High Strength Sludge Dewatering Geotube/Geobags for Embankment Cofferdam & Breakwater


Geotube technology has been proved to be an effective method for controlling wave energy. Geotube and Geobag are sewn with geotextile, which is especially suitable for low-cost marine and estuarine applications. Existing product names include (geotechnical pipe, geotechnical pipe, geotechnical pipe, geotechnical pipe, etc.).

Introduction to geotechnical pipe technology

Geotube technology has been proved to be an effective method to protect the coastline from erosion caused by storms and tropical low pressure. The construction process is quite simple. The geotextile is sewn with special geotextile, filled with sea sand, and buried along the coast to form a soft embankment line.

Under the influence of bad weather conditions, Geotube soft embankment pipe will prevent the sand, soil and other assets behind the main body of the embankment from being eroded.

The use of Geotube technology is an ideal way to build a soft welding torch. The installation of barriers perpendicular to the coastline will minimize the loss of sand caused by coastal water flow and help to rebuild the eroded coastline.

Benefits of Geopipes

– The construction speed is very fast, using river sand, sea sand and other on-site materials.
– withstand the impact of huge waves
– Sustainability
– No maintenance required
– Reduce the cost of construction investment
– Easy to install.

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